The Hollow Pike Blog Tour Greatest Hits!

First off, a giant thank you to all the bloggers who hosted my witterings over the last three weeks. I hope it’s been interesting and entertaining! What I thought I’d do is collate all of the offerings are plop them in one place in case you missed any, or in case you’re just discovering Hollow Pike now and want to enjoy the ‘special features’ as it were!!!

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Book Tour 2012

People have been emailing to ask where they can get their copies of Hollow Pike signed – I got one email from a reader in Scarborough who I never met and is not a family member – proud moment! Below are the details of the Hollow Pike tour. As you can see most of the events are school events, but there are a couple that are open to the public and we may well be adding to the list as we go. If you can’t get to a signing, but would like a signed copy of Hollow Pike, can I recommend Goldsboro Books – GORGEOUS shop in Covent Garden that specialise in signed first editions…their website is HERE and I popped in last week to sign some of the stunning hardbacks and each has a quote from the book in my best GP handwriting too!

Here’s where I’m going to be:


27th Feb – Haverstock School, Camden.
28th Feb – The Latymer School, Edmonton.


2nd March – Dorothy Stringer High School, Brighton.
2nd March – Elm Grove School Hall, Elm Grove, Brighton – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 4.30-6.30 pm.


5th March – Farringtons School, Chislehurst.


7th March – Oakbank School, Keighley.
8th March – Bingley Grammar School, Bingley.
9th March – Grammar School at Leeds, Leeds.


24th March – Waterstones Kettering – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – from 11 am.

I can’t wait to hit the road and meet some readers. As you may know, I used to be a teacher and I miss having a laugh with young people every day. Getting back into schools will hopefully remedy this! As I said, we will be adding to this list as the year progresses – so I’m coming to a town near YOU!

James x

Crazy Days!

This week has been one of the best weeks ever! I’m sure all authors feel the same way when a new novel is released. All I can compare it to is a birthday. Earlier this week the lovely people at Covent Garden Waterstones hosted an event for my friends and family to come to London and welcome Hollow Pike into the world. It was, I told them, the nearest thing they were ever going to get to a Christening, so hopefully they made the most out of it!

Seriously though, all my friends and family have been super supportive. I’m sure when I told them I was writing a book two and a half years ago they thought ‘OH SURE. I BET THAT’LL BE GREAT AND DEFINITELY GET PUBLISHED’, but as I got further down the path to publication they have been fantastic. Even my mum is now on board with me writing full-time! I cannot say thank you enough, but I shall do so one more time…thank you!

Also thank you to all the people who weren’t at the book party (I’ll do you little cakes some other time). Now I really understand the role of the bloggers – you have been cheerleaders for Hollow Pike and what I LOVE is that I don’t feel ‘in it alone’, I feel like you are doing my job for me almost. Particular thanks to those hosting the blog tour.

Finally, thank you to my agent, editor, and everyone at Indigo. You can see them in the pictures I’ve posted and I can assure everyone that if you vaguely enjoyed Hollow Pike it’s because those fantastic people have brought it to you! Otherwise it would have sat on my hard drive forever only to be read by me!

Later today I’m on BBC Radio Sussex – scary – tune in and marvel at my odd Bradford accent! The physical book tour is pretty much confirmed and I’ll let you know where you can come and get a signed Hollow Pike very soon!

James x

Happy Birthday Hollow Pike!

It’s strange how quickly things become the norm. Only 18 months ago, the very first time I spoke to my agent, Jo, we talked about my goals. I said, and I remember this very clearly, that it would be lovely to see Hollow Pike in an airport bookshop. Today that dream comes true.

Since then, I’d sort of forgotten that initial goal. So much has happened…the last year has seen edits, covers, trailers, magazines, new flats, new faces. I’ve been writing full-time for six months now and spending every day inside fantasy land has become reality. You get more ambitious too. Perhaps it’s human nature, but completing Hollow Pike didn’t feel like the end of the road, it felt like the start of a journey (although reality TV has RUINED that cliche for all of us). It still feels like there’s loads to do.

For me there is. What’s really exciting is finally being able to talk about Lis, Kitty, Jack and Delilah with readers. It’s a bit like when you make a new best friend and you want to talk about them all the time. Soon, I’m hitting the road and visiting schools and bookshops to do just that – spread the characters and spread the stories. I’m so, so lucky in that the UK bloggers have really ‘got’ what Hollow Pike is all about – it’s fun, scary and thrilling, and thank you all for helping me to spread the story. All UK debut authors will know that we’re sharing shelves with the Meyers and Rowlings and Collins – so all of the reviews and kind words have been hugely encouraging.

Lovely author Cat Patrick, writer of Forgotten hit the nail on the head re. release day. She said you wake up and wonder where the parade is. As an author you know your release date MONTHS in advance, so you can see why you build it up to epic, leviathon proportions in your head. To everyone else, it’s just another day. I was lucky though – I woke up this morning to find my Top Ten Books for Surviving High School on the Guardian AND a competition running at Waterstones, so there WAS a little parade of sorts. Today has been a massive win!

But for today, I’m cleansing my head of what’s yet to come, and rewinding 18 months to when I was teaching Year 1 and got a phone call from an agent asking me what my goals were. It was to see a published book on a bookshop shelf. DID IT! There’ll be other books, but I’ll never be a debut author ever again. It’s not terribly British, but I think it’s OK to stop and celebrate a little success every once in a while.

If anyone wants me, I’ll be in the bookshop, stroking my book!


Lots of love, James x


Tomorrow Hollow Pike hits bookshops! The reviews have rocked, so now it’s time to finally see what all the fuss was about! But the only way to get the inside story on the characters, mystery and villains is to follow me as I visit some of my friends over at their blogs. The Hollow Pike Blog Tour starts this Friday!

Happy reading!