Win Kitty Monroe!

I did say this was the most mental thing I’d ever done. Inspired by the HOT MESS KATNISS BARBIE, I decided to get creative and produce THE ONLY ONE IN EXISTENCE KITTY MONROE 12″ FASHION DOLL!!!

Now if you have read Hollow Pike, you’ll know that Kitty Monroe is the fiercest girl at Fulton High School and one of Lis London’s best friends. She’s among my favourite characters to write and the obvious choice to be immortalised because her personal style is so wicked.

In the book she’s described as follows ‘She was a fearsome Amazon of a girl, approaching six feet tall and with a shock of spiky black and purple hair that only added further inches. Lis couldn’t even think of a word to describe her style: her skirt was the shortest Lis had ever seen dared as a part of a uniform, and massive black construction boots finished off endless legs. Oh, and safety pins were lined neatly up each ear. But by far the most striking feature was her face. Lis kind of thought of herself as pretty, but this weird girl was beautiful- mixed race with flawless brown skin and twinkling blue eyes.’

I like to think I’ve done her justice. This Kitty has been a labour of love…I almost don’t want to give her away, but I will! I hope she goes to a good home. As well as the Kitty Doll, I’ll also throw in a signed paperback of Hollow Pike with the gorgeous purple edging!

This is truly a MONEY CAN’T BUY prize!

How to enter:
1. Be on Twitter.
2. Tweet the following sentence ‘JAMES DAWSON 4 QUEEN OF TEEN 2012! #HOLLOWPIKE’
3. For the love of God use the hashtag.
4. You can tweet as many times as you like.
5. One tweet will be picked at random and will win the 12″ Kitty Monroe Fashion Doll and the signed Hollow Pike.
6. The draw will be made when I arrive back from my Royal Tour next week.
7. Sound good?
8. Brilliant.

Good luck everyone!