Not Helpful

So this video ‘Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends‘ is doing the rounds. I’ll admit it’s well acted and some of the lines are funny. It’s casual homophobia though.

I swear I can actually hear you screaming the following things: THEY’RE GAY / IT’S AIMED AT HOMOPHOBES / IT’S ABOUT MARRIAGE EQUALITY / LIGHTEN UP HONEY. Maybe I should lighten up, but if one thing PISSES ME RIGHT OFF it’s stereotyping. It’s stereotypes like these that segregate gay men in the first place. They only serve for small-minded people to group and dehumanise us.

For the record I have literally no idea what the difference between hummus and baba ganoush is, but this isn’t about gay men ranking themselves on a 1-10 gay chart (something which self-loathing gays love doing). All I can see is some actors listing common stereotypes about gay men. I’m not sure how this is meant to promote marriage equality.

Perhaps you’re screaming IT’S ABOUT RECLAIMING STEREOTYPES, I’d say that’s a very risky strategy when addressing homophobes (as this video claims to). All it will do is throw fuel on the fire, confirming the fears and suspicions that make them treat us as second class citizens. What’s annoying is that because of the campy, comedy style this video has gone viral. There are far, FAR better videos about this – the one I’ve posted under this rant¬†makes its point more effectively.

Stereotyping is always bad. The only thing that gay men have in common with one another is that they prefer guys. That, and that we are individuals. We should be allowed FULL MARRIAGE RIGHTS not because we’ll steal your girlfriends, but because it’s fucking discrimination.