31 Really Good Pop Songs You Should Have from 2012

It’s my annual rundown of EXCELLENT POP MUSIC. Some of them are a bit random. I’m not trying to be cool, they really are good pop songs. The top ten is featured, but the whole playlist is available on Spotify HERE for you to WOW your chums.

31. Boyfriend – Justin Bieber

30. Wildest Moments – Jessie Ware

29. Pretty Girl – Stockholm Syndrome

28. Merrry Xmas (Says Your Text Message) – Dragonette

27. Black Star – Queen of Hearts

26. Can’t Say No – Conor Maynard

25. The Way I Like It – Mandy Capristo

24. Pyramids – Frank Ocean

23. Home Run – Misha B

22. 30 Minute Love Affair – Paloma Faith

21. Shady Love – Scissor Sisters feat. Azealia Banks

20. You Bring Me Joy – Amelia Lily

19. Looking Hot – No Doubt

18. The Boys  -Nicki Minaj and Cassie

17. DNA – Little Mix

16. Your Body – Christina Aguilera

15. Die Young – Ke$ha

14. Play The Game Boy – A*M*E

13. Stay – Rihanna

12. 30 Days – The Saturdays

11. Every Night I Say A Prayer – Little Boots

10. MIA – Bad Girls: Although this has really been floating around since 2011 on the Vicky Leekz mixtape, it was properly released in 2012 AND features easily the best video of the year.

9. A*M*E – Find A Boy: This is a cheat. It was never officially ‘released’ as it were, but was THE summer tune of 2012. Sadpop doesn’t get much more bleak than this.

8. Girls Aloud – Something New. Bet you thought this’d be number one right? Well it’s not because despite 9 writers the lyrics are crap. That said, people criticising a Girls Aloud song for being too noisy and overproduced must have been thinking of some other Girls Aloud, because that part is spot on.

7. iamamiwhoami – In Due Order. Marvellous electro disco like from when Goldfrapp were good.

6. Grimes – Oblivion. Hoxton/Dalston friendly electro Canadiapop. ‘Yah, Grimes, yah?’ Sadly this was pretty much the only good song on the album so being cool just doesn’t quite cut it. What a song though.

5. The Veronicas – Lolita. I have NO IDEA what’s going on with the UK release of this. It’s been out everywhere else for months. I’m not saying you *should* illegally download songs, but when is the record industry going to figure out if you can hear a song not available in your territory, bad things happen. Lolita is 2nd place for best video too.

4. Nicki Minaj – Starships. You are ONLY allowed to criticise this song if you’ve been off your tits in a gay club and somehow been able to resist the HIGHER THAN A MOTHERF*CKER section. Worst video of the year, mind.

3. Marina and the Diamonds – Primadonna. Had ‘Homewrecker’ been a single, that would have probably been at number 1 FYI. Electra Heart is certainly the best pop ALBUM of the year, however.

2. Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. In 2012, Swift became a proper pop star and not just a high profile beard. This song is both irresistable and clever (‘go find your peace of mind in some indie record much cooler than mine’). Like ever.

1. 2NE1 – I Love You. I suspect you all think is me trying to be dead clever. It’s not. I Love You is best Girls Aloud song Girls Aloud haven’t done. Icy, icy cool synth pop with a Korean flavour. It doesn’t even sound like 2NE1 in particular (who were more pop-rap before this offering – check out I Am The Best for proof). After Gangnam Style, this is a reminder that, far from novelty, South Korea makes some of the best pop music in the world. If you’re interested, loosely translated, I Love You is about a doomed, obsessive love affair, so it firmly qualifies as sadpop too.

Once again, you can enjoy MOST of the list HERE.

Best and Worst of 2012

My Top Ten Pop Chart of 2012 will feature later in the week (or before New Year), but first I thought I’d share my favourite films and TV shows of the past twelve months. Why? Because I want to. At the same time, I shall also be rummaging through the shite I’ve had the misfortune to encounter. Please do feel free to tell me how wrong I am (but I am right).


This year was all about surprises, as the films we were told we should like proved to be big disappointments. No great shock that I loved THE HUNGER GAMES – it was such a faithful adaptation that anyone who loved the novel couldn’t fail to enjoy the film version. In fact, being able to see out of Katniss’s head and into the Gamesmaker Control Room was inspired. It was just a shame it was such an isosceles love triangle (NO-ONE would choose Hutcherson over Hemsworth EVER).

Although bonkers, LOOPER also proved to be a dark horse contender. If you think too hard about any time-travel film they fall to pieces, and Looper’s no exception, but that didn’t stop me enjoying every second. In the same category I’d file RAID which goes to show you can’t have too much kicking in a film.

Tying for for first place in the best film category are CABIN IN THE WOODS and THE IMPOSTER. Totally different but equally brilliant. ‘Cabin’ is a Joss Whedon satire on both horror and reality TV, with all the Whedon spark and humour you’d expect from the creator of Buffy. What’s more, it felt fresh. The Imposter is a docu/film about a compulsive liar who convinces a Texan family he’s their missing son. Audacious to begin with, but wait until you get to the twist! See both immediately.

Also good: The Woman In Black, The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Ruby Sparks, Moonrise Kingdom.



There were clearly AWFUL films out this year, but more so than most, 2012 was full of much anticipated movies that somewhat failed to deliver: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (plot holes, boring), THE AVENGERS ASSEMBLE (fun, but no plot or threat), THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN (why?), SKYFALL (fine up until the Home Alone ending). However all of these are positively glorious compared to the hideous PROMETHEUS.

Where to begin? Oh just watch this. I don’t say this lightly, but I’d sooner sit through Battleships again than I would Prometheus. At least that knew it was shit.

Also shit: Dark Shadows, Chernobyl Diaries, The Iron Lady, Magic Mike.



It would be churlish not to mention the OLYMPIC OPENING CEREMONY just because everyone else is too. It was really, really good and totally nailed why it’s good to be from the UK.

In other news, HOMELAND was immense. Finally US TV has caught up with the truth that we don’t want to wait six years for something to happen (Lost…). Not only is Homeland like riding a particularly twisty rollercoaster, but it boasts possibly the best dramatic pairing in years in Claire Danes and Damien Lewis. Watch the interrogation scene again if you don’t believe me.

Less heralded, but nonetheless excellent was HUNDERBY. Tucked away on Sky Atlantic, no-one seemed to be watching it, but it (rightfully) picked up a British Comedy Award. As dark as you’d expect from Julia (Nighty Night) Davies, Hunderby was a hybrid of Daphne Du Marier’s ‘Rebecca’ and The League of Gentleman. Totally worth investing in a boxset. THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE-OFF was a surprise delight. I can’t even tell you why it’s good – it just is. For slightly more evil reasons I loved all the Dalston dickheads on STYLED TO ROCK too.

Finally HBO’s GIRLS deserves a mention. I’ll be totally honest – I hated the first episode only to be entirely won over by the end of episode three when hapless Hannah bopped around her bedroom to Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’. Girls is a lot more subtle than you might think and plays cleverly with viewer expectations. I can’t wait for series two.

Also good: American Horror Story, Revenge, Strictly Come Dancing.



Bad year to be a reality TV show right? Stringy corpses crawl over a dying format, thrashing around moaning for brains like extras in The Walking Dead trying to earn an equity card. THE APPRENTICE (can you name this years’ adult winner?), THE X FACTOR (even they call him ‘Borelow’), BIG BROTHER (was on Channel 5, no-one cared) but by a long stretch the worst was THE VOICE. The BBC is bravely standing by this abomination for a second series but this was poor. A show which (literally) revolved around spinning chairs was won by someone who wouldn’t have got past the first audition on The X Factor because she wasn’t a popstar. True to form she is now not a popstar. The Voice as a concept just doesn’t make ANY sense.

Elsewhere every region of the UK was mined for village idiots for ‘scripted reality’ and Channel 4, supposedly the most forward-thinking station, announced ‘Jews are the new gypsies’. I despair.

One can only hope 2013 is the final gasp of ‘reality’ shows. And that’s coming from someone who used to LOVE The X Factor.



A whole year of THANK YOU!











2012 has been the best, strangest and funniest year ever, and that’s all down to YOU, dear readers, bloggers and chums. Too, too many people to thank individually, but here is my final vlog of 2012 with A BIG LIST OF THANK YOUS!