I’ve adapted Foz Meadows’s excellent YA BINGO post to be more relevant to the type of perennial stories we tend to see here in the UK. Shout for a line or a full house!

YA readers don’t know what’s good for them. YA books should come with age restrictions. YA books are ‘too dark’. Harry Potter started YA. Mention of Twilight.
YA is lucrative for authors.


Failure to recognize YA as an audience, not a ‘genre’. Failure to recognize the diversity of YA fiction. Only mentions male authors. Mentions cancer or vampires.
YA books are not ‘literature’/YA is trashy. Mention of sex and/or self-harm. YA characters are bad role-models. Critic has not read book they are critiquing. Mention of Hunger Games.
YA is a new phenomenon. Moral panic/’concerned parents’. Mention of John Green (particularly as creator of all YA). ‘Banned books’. ‘Get boys reading’
‘Strong female character’. Use of ‘light-hearted’, ‘fluffy’ or ‘beach read’ to describe book by female author. All and any SF referred to as ‘dystopian’. Critic has only read Fault In Our Stars/The Hunger Games. Mention of ‘six-figure advance’ and/or author’s age.

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