IMG_0812It’s that time again, dear readers. I’ve happily served as the Hand To The Queen, MAUREEN JOHNSON, but now it’s time to make a play for the crown once again. Nominations are open for QUEEN OF TEEN 2014!

The 2012 ceremony was the best fun EVER so I’d LOVE to be nominated again, and who knows, maybe even snatch the crown. Last time, we got to ride in limos, eat tiny pink foodstuffs and I got to hang out with loads of other cool authors.

At the time there was GREAT CONTROVERSY over having a BOYQUEEN, but I think it’s all in terribly good humour and, at the end of the day, I am a massive, massive queen. Having a crown up on my head would merely cement a fact penciled in since birth.

You can nominate me in the first round of voting at

But why should you nominate me? Here’s my Queenifesto:

1. If you liked my books. Seriously. I do so hate it when things become a popularity contest.

2. “If I were a tree, I’d have good strong roots in a community like the UKYA world; a hollow trunk full of books; and long leafy branches to provide shade for bookish kids on a hot summer day”.

3. I would use my reign for GOOD. Having a BOYQUEEN would (inevitably) attract attention and I could use that to talk about ISSUES. I’m an activist at heart and will happily talk to anyone who will listen about school libraries, Gove, gendered kid’s books and spreading the good works of UKYA authors far and wide.

4. Having a BOYQUEEN would be weird and I’m all for visibility of weird people. I totes am one.

5. I could ride a pumpkin up and down the country and do lots of royal school  visits. I’d probably get a corgi too.

So make you voice be heard! There is a first round of nominations, and then proper, Hunger Games style fighting starts in May before the big ceremony in July. Who will be your queen in ’14?!


James x

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  • March 13, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    I just want to say how much I love the Drop Dead Gorgeous reference 🙂


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