IMG_2884Hiya! Y’alright? It’s that time again! Yes, SAY HER NAME comes out in precisely one month! REEEEEEE! So exciting! The early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and I want to thank any bloggers or booksellers who took the time to read the proofs.

Now to business. As a reward for being SUPERFANS I am again running a pre-order offer, which a lot of you jumped on for Cruel Summer last year.

That’s right, the lovely folks at HOT KEY BOOKS are allowing me to send SIGNED, PERSONALISED BOOKPLATES to EVERYONE who pre-orders Say Her Name. Yes, all of you! Each one will have a personal message just for you!

It’s easy. All you have to do is email ( or tweet me (@_jamesdawson) proof that you’ve pre-ordered Say Her Name (from anywhere) and then we’ll post you out a bookplate to stick straight into your shiny new copy of the book when it arrives – which, if you pre-order, will probably arrive on or even before the release date of June 5th.

So get ordering! If you’re TRULY a superfan and you’ve already ordered your copy, again just tweet or email me proof of your existing order. The last thing I want is for someone who’s already pre-ordered to miss out.

Keep your eyes peeled for all things Mary in the run up to release day!

James x


  • May 1, 2014 at 5:57 pm

    Just e-mailed you over my details, thanks for doing another great offer like this, I feel like I have been waiting so long for this book to come out and now we are just one month away! Happy days!

  • July 6, 2014 at 2:33 pm

    Dear James,

    Last week I met you at Nobel School in Stevenage and have since read your book, Say Her Name, which I loved! I usually read romance novels but need a little mystery to keep me interested; Say Her Name is now my favourite book as it kept me reading constantly and I couldn’t put it down!

    The way you made us like and understand Bobby made me feel like I was in pain when she cut her feet on glass, like I was scared out of my wits when she looked in the mirror, like I was the one in Cain’s arms, like I thought I’d never see my mum again. I felt like I not only understood Bobby but also Mary, because I felt the pain Mary went through, through Bobby and the dreams. Your book combined every bit of a story I need to keep reading. The last page got me, it freaked me out the most, that they freed her, and she killed her murder’s daughter; it was such a strong use of a picture that it made me think ‘is there a sequel?’ and made my heart race for the characters left.

    I enjoyed your book so much and wanted to thank you for meeting us and being an interactive author; many I’ve met will talk about their book and not much else, but you are so bubbly and you seem to love your job. I hope I love my job as much as you do.

    Thanks again,


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