310894What’s it all about?

Jess Vogt is a freshman at Salem University but quickly discovers her off-campus house, Nightingale Hall, was the scene of a tragic suicide the previous summer. What’s worse, Jess starts to believe her purple room which is purple may be haunted by dear, departed Giselle – not the supermodel.


Jess starts to question if Giselle’s suicide was even a suicide at all. That’s right…Jess thinks Giselle was murdered! I KNOW!

The Girl

I think it’s important we try to understand Jess. By that I mean HOW THE HELL DO YOU PRONOUNCE HER NAME? Does it rhyme with yacht? Does it rhyme with yoghurt? Is it like Voight?

Jess is one of the better PH girls. She has a wry sense of humour and loves pizza. While not especially complex, we get the sense Jess is independent and laid-back. Certainly not the most irritating character we’ve met. Although she does have ‘navy blue eyes’…REALLY?

The Love Interest

This month the honours go to photographer/fishing enthusiast Ian Banion and his early top-knot. As Ian’s also a suspect he’s frustratingly vague, but you can’t knock a guy who takes you out for a Chinese every once in a while.

The Gang

As The Silent Scream is basically a whodunnit, we have a classic rag-tag bunch of housemate subjects.

As a side note – with the exception of Dee in The Forbidden Game have we read ANY other characters of colour? The large cast of TSS really highlights how hideously white the Point Horror world really is.

Back to this lot. We have rich boy Jon; uptight, bitchy Cath (‘Those suits are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. Even on people with good figures’); possibly trans Linda; poetic Milo and charismatic handyman Trucker.

Even without reading the book, you can guess who the killer is from the list, right?

0bc5c24149470157339889aebfd915beFashion Faux Pas

In a new category for November, let’s check out those fashions!

Jess sports khaki shorts and sandals not to mention a curious I IS A COLLEGE FRESHMAN sweater that almost made me hate her. Ian, although apparently heterosexual does sport ‘faded denim cut-offs’. Cath and Jon win for their preppy ensembles: ‘perfectly creased, navy blue slacks’. Nice.

However, lets take a moment to envisage Cath’s ball dress: ‘Cath’s dress was like a pale blue cloud’.

Dialogue Disasters

Ian: ‘Nice smile.’ I SO wish Jess and replied ‘I’ll give you the number of my dentist.’

Jon. Poor Jon. Although Jon is meant to be cheesy so Hoh knows what she’s doing. ‘I was too busy having a great dream about Kim Basinger’

‘After all, my major is parties, sports…and women.’ Jon’s Salem’s Dapper Laughs.

Milo: ‘I’ve written some of my best poetry while I was sitting on the riverbank, fishing.’ Well haven’t we all?

Some Mild Peril

TSS is a game of two halves. The supernatural stuff is genuinely chilling. We all KNOW there is nothing scarier than ghost photography and Giselle appearing in Jess’s passport photos gave me the willies (quiet at the back). The dips in temperature and nightmarish visions are effective. I’m even OK with the slightly hokey ending.

Where it’s less good is the standard PH fair of ripped up swimming costumes, missing essays and (most stupidly) worms in a drawer. How does a worm crawl up your arm? ANSWER ME THAT?

Body Count: 2

Is It Any Good?

I really enjoyed TSS, far more than I thought I would and much more than our last Hoh offering, The Funhouse. Tellingly, I really want to order a load more Nightmare Hall outings as I seem to remember they all vaguely linked back to TSS in some way. I definitely read The Scream Team and The Wish back in the day.

The only critique is that the killer is so obvious. No amount of casting suspicion on Milo made me think for a second it was anyone other than the real killer. For me, I would have made Ian the killer. Or Linda could have revealed she was Giselle’s BF before her transition. That would have been perfect.

Over to you

Q – Did Giselle push Mrs Coates down the stairs? If so, why?

Q – What does Linda see in Milo? What does Jon see in Cath?

Q – What precisely do you think went down between Giselle and Milo in the past?

POINT HORROR BOOK CLUB will return in 2015…


34 thoughts on “PHBC: Nightmare Hall – The Silent Scream by Diane Hoh

  • November 13, 2014 at 12:46 pm

    Okay so here we go. I frantically finished this one on the train into work this morning – couldn’t believe I got so far behind!

    I really enjoyed this one. I think I had it back in my glory days, but don’t remember ever getting around to reading more than the first couple of chapters. Onto the questions…

    Q – Did Giselle push Mrs Coates down the stairs? If so, why?
    I’ve been wondering this since the event happened. Whenever ‘suicide’ or ‘killed herself’ were uttered some door banged or mirror smashed, and the ghost of Giselle did seem pretty p’d off towards the end when she suffocated Trucker with a 4×10 headshot. I mean, what a way to go. So maybe she did push ol’ Coatesy down the stairs in a fit of frustration. Or she just had the classic ‘old person who can’t function anymore’ thing happen and did decide to fling herself down the stairs. Very bizarre. I also loved how none of the students gave a rat’s arse about her health throughout the remainder of the story.

    Q – What does Linda see in Milo? What does Jon see in Cath?
    Linda was strange, with her green-tinged chlorine soaked hair. Does hair really go green? I used to swim all the time in my glory days and all that happened to me was that I look kind of wrinkled and my hair turned to straw and I stunk of chlorine and verucas. Cath did have dark curly hair and a dark curly attitude to match, and I think I (with my preppy clothes and beemer) would have opted for her above our above mentioned trans swimmer friend and ol’ navy eyes herself.

    Q – What precisely do you think went down between Giselle and Milo in the past?
    She didn’t put out, which ultimately led to her end.

    So yeah, this was a great read – really enjoyed it and am keen to now look into more Nightmare Hall sagas. I feel bad for Hoh. She tried to carve out her own ‘Goosebumps’ but it didn’t quite work out.

    Until 2015, y’all.

  • November 13, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    Oh, and love the cloud dress picture haha.

  • November 13, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    Goat?!? !!! Picture this….I’m sitting at work and unfortunately sit in the middle of the office…I sneakily log on to point horror book club…I get strange looks as I’m giggling away to myself at James comments and pretty cloud dress (want!) so I’m already getting the your strange look from my work colleagues…and just as they are about to phone the asylum and have me taken away for good I read Billy’s aka Goats comment and let out a big urgggghhh whilst eating my packet of raisins !!! CHLORINE and VERUCAS!!! GROSS …!!! *puts down rest of lunch and looks at raisins that have dropped out of mouth that look like little VERUCAS and feels sick*
    Was this in your glory days goat? I’m worried for you 🙂

    Anyways great post James and questions will post my comments up when I get home tonight 🙂

  • November 13, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    Haha sorry YouSeaweed I didn’t mean to put you off your lunch. I was a class act back in school as you can tell. I used to wonder why I never had a girlfriend in those times but now it’s all becoming clear. It’s as though the clouds have been removed from my dress.

  • November 13, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    Good afternoon, PHBC, and a rapturous welcome to Ms Hoh, my favourite of all the teen horror novelists with a surname that sounds like the noise you make when kicked in the area.

    I’m pleased we gave Hoh the opportunity to redeem herself; although it didn’t contain anything quite as demented as Trudy Slaughter’s Funhouse wardrobe, I thought The Silent Scream was a solid whodunnit that held my interest longer than most (even despite the worm drawer interlude, which, to work, relied on the reader having never come across a worm in real life, or in fact having the first clue about what a worm is).

    The whole thing seemed a lot less dated than most Point Horrors we’ve read so far. The description of Giselle’s swinging corpse pushed the boundaries of PH gore, and the university rather than high school setting felt much more current. I mean, if nothing else, it gave plausibility to all those absent parents.

    I liked the gang, too, for the most part. Descriptions were frequently ludicrous (Jess’s much-maligned navy blue eyes and Cath’s cloud dress being particular highlights), but they were neatly drawn archetypes that I enjoyed spending time with. Milo earned points for using the word cockamamie. Linda earned points for having green hair (?). Jon earned points for being a loveable sleaze (played by Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell in my head) and dreaming of Kim Basinger. Ian LOST points for being kind of a jerk to Jess when she started freaking out about the missing letters. And Cath earned ALL the points and won the whole damn thing by being a massive-haired, high maintenance nightmare. Sidebar: We all lived with a Cath at uni, right? Mine was a militant Christian called Alison, who obsessively weighed all of her food and screamed daily on the phone to her parents that she was FAILING until they bought her a laptop. Fun lass.

    But back to The Silent Scream, I can’t believe I’m the first person to bring up the TRUCKER SWOPES / TOM SELLECK COMPARISON. I mean, Hoh had me at ‘Swopes’, to be honest, but after the ‘Selleck, only shorter’ incident I had no more wow left to give. Tom Selleck, people! Tom ‘Magnum PI, Richard from Friends, Housewives’ moustachioed favourite’ Selleck! Amazing. Presumably, Salem University has a well-established mature-student population, because nobody under the age of 45 has ever been that into Tom Selleck. Not even in the nineties.

    Even Jess Surname-Fail was a character I was able to root for, despite her tendency to laugh at her own jokes and inability to tell one pair of orange-laced sneakers from another.

    You’re totally right, by the way, about the horrifying whiteness (and straightness for that matter, though that probably goes without saying) of the Point Horror universe. In fact, I can’t think of a single non-white character in the whole collection apart from Dee. There MUST be one. Let’s hunt them out, like an ethic, multi-novel version of Where’s Wally. Or something less offensive.

    Anyway, question time:

    1. No, she tripped over Cath’s enormous hair and bad attitude.
    2. Who the hell knows? Neither of these relationships made any sense to me. Linda’s stress about her library date with Milo was sweet, though.
    3. EVERYTHING. Everything went down. You know what I’m saying. *does eyebrows*

    This was fun; I was skimming through other Nightmare Hall titles the other day, and realised that I remember very little about the rest of the collection. I may delve into the Roommate next, which I think was the second in the series.

    Oh the Point Horror Book Club BETTER return in 2015, Dawson. If you know what’s good for you… *narrows eyes*

  • November 13, 2014 at 6:06 pm

    Oh it will Paul. I’m just totally snowed under at the moment. I’m also pondering which title to do next.

    For some reason I failed to highlight Tom Selleck AND the orange laces!

  • November 13, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    Indeed, you must be IN DEMAND at the moment. Big fat CONGRATULATIONS on the Rainbow List entry 😀 You’re so hot right now…

  • November 13, 2014 at 9:09 pm

    Well Hoh Hoh Hoh….merry almost Christmas! I LOVED this 1st instalment of the Nightmare Hall Series! And I much prefer the cover picture James has to the version of the book I have (it’s kind of an orange lace colour cover with a rope). I love a good whodunit book although the whodunit was a little bit guessable , but still enjoyable. I apologise in advance if this post goes on way to long…I have no excuse other than you all should be used to me by now!

    I loved Jess as a point horror character….I think she would be a fab friend you know. I proudly present to you some examples why –

    1) She loves Pizza! It so un-american not to at least have one Jess says!

    2) You can always depend on Jess to scrap any self conscience issues you have with yourself


    Her description when first meeting “I came for the fishing” Ian cracked me up.

    “If his nose hadn’t had a slight hook to it, he would have been too good looking”….I bet Ian needed reminding of that one!

    And her description of ladies man with a wheat coloured wave on his forehead Jon

    “Maybe somebody with a little more depth than a bed sheet will take his place”…..OUCH!

    And poor I can’t type at all Milo (how many Milo’s can there be? Says Trucker) got it as well….

    “Milo was so quiet. She’s had better conversations with toast!”

    I can imagine it now – Jess: hello toasty woasty how are you today my little tanned piece of love…I’m going to butter you all up, maybe spread a bit of Jam all over your toasty body and gobble you all up. Toast: Silence Jess: I love the quiet ones! Nom Nom Nom

    And I’m afraid …yep you guessed it Trucker also

    “Where did you learn to do all this stuff?” she asked as she poured a cup of coffee. Had he learned to make coffee at the same time he was learning plumbing?”

    OH MY GOD!

    And not forgetting good old, pale blue cloud dress Cath – Jess is always at hand to give extra fashion advice to Cath

    “She was wearing the same tan skirt and green blouse she’d worn the day before. The skirt was wrinkled, the blouse drooping over the waistband. It’s not just her clothes that looked wrinkled Jess thought. Every inch of her looks wrinkled, as if she’s spent the night tumbling around in a clothes dryer”

    We’ve all been there Jess (haven’t we?)! I think a slight bit of jealousy about Cath’s cloud dress was creeping in there don’t ya think?

    3) You can always rely on her holding the door open for you to let you through first. This is because and I quote

    “I’m just being polite, she told herself as they marched inside. I’m letting them go in first because my mother raised me properly and I’m extremely well-mannered”

    4) She could never picture herself hollering for help –

    “The picture of herself “hollering” for help wasn’t an appealing one, but it was nice to know that if she did, someone would come”

    Hmmmmm Jess….the words spoke to soon come to mind and to pre warn you no one came when you “hollered” in the cellar whilst getting gassed and your housemates basically take ages to find you laying on the grass afterwards!

    5) She knows how to throw a wild party in a new house –

    “I was thinking about a little get-acquainted party on the porch tonight” She was sure he would dismiss it as being dull”


    6) She would so make a great contestant on I’m a celebrity….Get me out of here. She would be one of those contestants who we would make do all the trials and laugh and laugh and laugh some more at them being covered in bugs and spiders and WORMS!

    “The sound that came from Jess’s mouth at the sight of her flesh crawling with fat, pink worms wasn’t a scream. It was a low horrified moan of disbelief”

    Holler Jess….Holler….don’t LOW MOAN!!! No ones comes running for a LOW MOAN!

    “She batted frantically at the at the pulsive creatures, flicking them from her skin onto the floor”

    “Trembling, rubbing her arms to erase the feeling of crawling flesh…she couldn’t bear the thought of putting her hands in there again”

    Yep….your in tomorrows trial too Jess……

    7) Jess is always on hand to explain things to us in case we didn’t understand –
    “The word “apparent” rang in her head. “Apparent suicide” “Apparent” meant that it seemed like suicide. But maybe it wasn’t”

    I rest my case – JESS = BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE!

    On another note I love how after Mrs Coates “accident” (more on this later) all Jon, who had the sort of face the would grace a magazine cover and had dreams about Kim Basinger (I’m thinking My Step Moms An Alien Kim Basinger personally), cared about was

    “Hey wait a minute” Jon protested “Mrs Coates was supposed to fix nice, home-cooked meals for us. Meat, mashed potatoes, gravy you know, all that good stuff I’m used to. I’m a growing boy. I need nourishment”

    Well Jon ….your growth will no doubt be stunted! I guess your mom didn’t bring you up as well as Jess’s mom did and teach you to cook…..*face palm*…you will starve I tell thee…STARVE!

    Also loved the classic line from Ian before he gets sent in the house to get Jess’s deniem jacket (that would look smashing with her black dress and heels by the way) and clonked on the head at some point that we unfortunately don’t get to read

    “Gotcha! Be right back”

    No Ian….have you not watched the Scream movies or any horror movie!! If you say that you don’t come back….you DON’T! But unfortunately he did!

    I have to admit although I did like this book whilst reading the book I thought I had been transported into The reality tv show….Made in Chelsea….I’m not sure if anyone watches this but basically the whole cast cop off with each other a lot and its rather incestuous! I present my evidence of the new reality TV show Made in Salam and the entangled love triangles –

    Jess fancies Ian and Ian fancies Jess, but Jess, at one point, thought Trucker was quite sexy (and you know it) and even cast Ian aside at the Fall Ball after realising Trucker looked like Tom Selleck (Phhwwwooorrr) so danced with Trucker for a bit then went home with Ian. Hussy!

    Cath fancies Jon, but flirts with Trucker at the Fall Ball to make Jon jealous even though she has gone to the ball with an extra character called Peter Oakes (Poor Peter cast aside like an un paid extra), but Jon fancies anything in a skirt, but he does have a few dances with Cath at the Fall Ball ….it was the cloud dress I tell ya!

    Linda fancies Milo, but Milo just likes reading and writing poetry, but he lets Linda hold his hand every now and again, but then we find out that he’s been going to the library and lending his windbreaker to no other than Daisy Lindgreen! BITCH! Linda and Milo are destined for each other I tell ya!

    And then if that wasn’t enough Jess encourages Cath before the Fall Ball to find yet another man –

    “You never know who you might meet there. Someone could see you across a crowded room and like the song says, falls madly in love with you”

    Never a dull episode of Made In Salam….don’t miss next weeks episode where they all dump each other and start again!

    And on a final note what a way to go Trucker….suffocated by a picture….although as Jess can’t recall the whole scenario I think she may have just got away with the perfect murder and hoped every one was that wrapped up in there own love triangle to fall for the old suffocated by a photo story….


    1) Mrs Coates threw herself down the stairs as she couldn’t handle living with the “cast” of Nightmare Hall making their “Made In Salam” reality tv show….it was just too much crap to take!
    2) Linda sees a sexy piece of toast in Milo (see above for explanation) and Jon just sees another girl for his bed post in Cath ?
    3) I don’t want to think about it *throws up a bit in mouth*

    Can’t wait for 2015 Mr Dawson! Don’t forget about us here in the point horror asylum. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what title you pick next 🙂

    Am I the only one who had to look up what the hell Fink meant?!

    “If it turned out that he was the sort of person who felt compelled to call the university and FINK on them”

    “But Trucker didn’t strike her as the “finking” type”

    Your not wrong there Jess he obviously didn’t strike as a killer control freak boyfriend who …yes….you fancied for a second don’t deny it!


  • November 14, 2014 at 11:37 am

    Blimey. Well what do you know, a Point Horror which is actually pretty good. Which is weird, as I remember reading The Silent Scream back in the day and none of it really stuck with me. This time around I was pretty impressed with it; properly creepy start, enjoyed the steady build of spooks and scares with Giselle appearing in photos before finally killing her killer with a photo. Points for creativity, although I guess really we’re talking manslaughter rather than murder since Trucker just fell over.

    Speaking of whom, I can’t believe nobody’s brought up Trucker’s amazing pune or play on words when joking about electrocution being “shocking”. Ho and indeed ho, Trucker.

    On to the questions:

    1) I think Mrs Coates’ mate who reaaalllly reluctantly stood in for her had an enemy who wanted to punish her. Clearly the best way to do this is to force her to interact with teenagers. Teenagers with navy blue eyes and cloudy dresses.
    2) Jon is intrigued by the concept of a woman who might actually tell him to f*ck off just because she feels like it. Linda has mistaken a bad hairdo and love of poetry for Lord Byron.
    3) Milo thinks he was “friendzoned” but actually just stopped making an effort to hang out with Giselle because that would have meant interacting with other people.

    @chelleytoy nope I had no idea what “finking” was either. I thought it was an intellectually challenged individual trying to think.

    @Billy apparently hair will go green in chlorine if it’s been bleached. Which is kinda weird since at no point does Linda give the impression that she’d have the time or interest in bleaching her hair blonde every few weeks.

    And yeah…why is everybody white? I’m not surprised about everyone allegedly being straight (even now gay or trans characters are pretty rare anywhere in fic) but I am really quite shocked at the extreme lack of POC.

  • November 14, 2014 at 2:07 pm

    I definitely can’t think of diversity in point horror genre …. Bit shocking really when you consider how big these were and the whole point series! Not good Scholastic ….not good!

  • November 14, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    @chelleytoy – I’m awarding you a solid 9 out of ten for the very excellent ‘Hoh Hoh Hoh’ pun work. Lolz. Also, I’m glad you brought up Milo’s typing ‘alibi’. Erm, you don’t have to be a professional typist to knock up a threatening note, Milo. Pfft.

    @Bookie – I properly loved Mrs Coates’ uninterested mate. I wanted more of her sneering dislike of all teenagers.

  • November 14, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    I’m pretty certain even when all my school had was “The BBC Computer” with Granny’s Garden and the hole punch paper printer, even we all got the concept of typing. How dumb can you be to not be able to type? And I forgot to mention how at one point in the novel I thought I was reading a Point Romance as it seemed to be more around whether Ian would ask Jess to the Fall Ball or not. And it was built up so much only for nothing remotely interesting to happen – except the unexpected arrival of Tom Selleck of course. I wonder how many teens had any idea as to who he even is lol.

  • November 14, 2014 at 9:06 pm

    @paul – wow 9 out of ten I’m blushing … I have admit I had a little laugh to myself re hoh hoh hoh but quite often I find things funny that others go what the hell is she on about so glad someone else laughed with me. I look forward to the day that we may ever meet so I can see you do the eyebrows … This made me laugh lol

    @goat – are you sure you can type as I remember the post with all typos!! I think your hiding a big secret there …. Lol only kidding and I love the admission you loved the point romance series… You old romantic!

    @bookie – so finking pleased the you had no idea too what the fink finking was… I felt finking fick and fought I was finking ….oh you get the finking drift lol

  • November 15, 2014 at 10:06 am

    Billy, Granny’s Garden has made my day. I loved that game so hard.

  • November 15, 2014 at 10:27 am

    What do we think for the next title? We could do a Lael Littke one? Or The Phantom by Barbara Steiner?

  • November 15, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    Ooh, both interesting options. I remember very little of Lael Littke, and nothing whatsoever of The Phantom. I quite liked Lucinda by Littke (alliteration is fun, y’all) in the 13 collection though, so I’m swaying in that direction.

  • November 15, 2014 at 2:50 pm

    Ohhhhh is it The Watcher by Lael Littke or another title? Tough choice between Littke or Steiner…I too don’t remember much of either? Think I agree with Paul and steer in the Littke way….maybe a nice addition to the point horror book club?

  • November 15, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    Ps I obvs didn’t live as I don’t remember Granny’s GArden?!? *confused face*
    I remember Kings Quest (Kings Quest 3 nearly killed me and my brother off trying to get the wizard to eat the hairy cat cookie to put him to sleep so we could escape!) and ohhhhh Colonels Bequest (this was fab murder mystery computer game with a character called Laura Bow)…..anyone? Just me?

  • November 17, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    Just you Seaweed ;-P

    Granny’s Garden was brilliant, glad I’m not the only one who remembered it. I remember the first level you had to pick a tree in the garden that warped you to the other level… it’s on YouTube so maybe it will come back to you if you watch it. I had those classic Ceefax graphics and everything.

    As for the next read, I was secretly hoping secretly for My Secret Admirer just so I could secretly look at the cover in secret. But I don’t remember any Lyle Lanley stories so it’d be good to try one of those instead.

  • November 17, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    Will check it out on you tube then goat…I’m obviously younger than you so that’s why I don’t remember it *ahem* …….
    And kings quest was fab!! Check that out on you tube 🙂

    And we all know why billy wants to read my secret admirer …. Yep we all remember the jenny confession…fancying a book cover picture….poor billy goat 🙂

  • November 18, 2014 at 4:28 pm

    She is actually my dream woman.

  • November 19, 2014 at 6:29 am

    Has 2014 already passed us by? That one more thing to love about PH – I get older but those kids stay the same age!

    Now to the task at hand…

    Firstly, my opinion is that Jess’ surname has a silent T and we pronounce it like ‘vogue’ – jus’ sayin’. Secondly, the Nightmare Hall books do follow some sort of chronology. I read ‘Monster’ a few months ago and it spoke about Nightingale Hall being *spoiler* so it was clearly based after Jess’ adventure. Can I talk about the ending? Give me some room to wave my hands in wild gesticulation! Now Giselle is a ghost with (I presume) all manner of ghostly abilities. Now, for the sake of having a story at all, we’ll excuse the fact that Giselle could have disposed of Tucker any time, but I can’t excuse the manner with which she punches his ticket at the river. Couldn’t she have at least Blair Witched him and pulled him into the water? Couldn’t she have symbolically hung him from a tree or a pipe in the basement as poetic revenge? Way to phone in an ending! “So what happens in the end?” “I dunno – maybe he gets some paper stuck to his face and suffocates? That’ll do – there’s deadlines to meet!”

    My first thought after reading the absurd ending was that there is NO WAY anyone will believe Jess didn’t kill him. The poor girl will be finishing her degree in the Big House fo’ sho’!

    Billy, forgive an Aussie boy, but what are verucas? I’m assuming you don’t mean you smelt like a brat in a chocolate factory? A combination of greed and snozberries?

    Paul – you’re bang on the money! Jon is totally Zack Morris! Somehow popular when we all know he’s a sleaze jackass! Can we work your friend Alison into our PH novel? Militant Christian with OCD? Sounds like the perfect challenge for Jon / Zack!

    Michelle – Tell me you’ve made the connection between Jess handling worms and making low moaning sounds. What am I saying? Of course you did!

    The questions:

    1. Was it Giselle? Uh-uh – it was Tucker. As Mrs Coates was the only link to the house from when Giselle was alive, he needed her out of the way to allow him more access to the house to find the letters. The freshmen would believe whatever he told them – Coatesy might ask too many questions. And this is Point Horror – we know what happens to people who ask too many questions…
    2. Linda 4 Milo 4 eva! What does she see? Lord knows! I’m sure when he talks of writing poetry by the river that it’s simply loner code for ‘terrorist manifesto’. Maybe she digs the moody trench coat vibe? And Jon? Jon sees a challenge – we all love the thrill of the chase!
    3. Given that I just can’t see them as a couple, I’m thinking that maybe 2nd base and Milo – not being a sportsman – has deluded himself into thinking he’s hit a grand slam. He’s filling his dream journal with words of longing and forever and she might mention it in passing to a friend as part of a 4 hour phone conversation whilst twisting the phone cord around her fingers in a distracted sort of way. Sadly, I think I’ve been a bit of a Milo in this regard! *choke* If you’ll excuse me…I have something in my eye!

    In case I forget to say so later – all the best for the holidays gang!

  • November 20, 2014 at 6:48 pm

    Mark!! Your here….hope you managed to get that something out of your eye?!?

    Loving your rant/thoughts on the end…this made me laugh a lot lol 🙂

    And did you really have to ask Billy to bring up the VERUCAS again and ask for more detail…the image I have of him is far from pleasant lol (only joking billy goat :-))

    Ps – I really don’t know what you mean with regards to worms a low moans *thinks hard*…. Nope….I’m obviously to innocent minded and an absolute angel to understand what in earth you mean…. Sometimes it’s hard being so pure and innocent ….*Ahem*

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  • November 22, 2014 at 11:06 pm

    Billy Goat you are GROSS! I have a foot phobia too!!! (People at work think it’s funny to hide pictures of feet in my draws and everything it’s that bad plus I have a cotton wool phobia and they filled my car with cotton wool! I can’t even talk about it)….Although for some reason I still clicked on the link to have a look …it’s like someone saying don’t push that button and then you just want to push the bloody thing! Yuk!

  • November 23, 2014 at 8:51 pm

    In that case, we shall resume on JANUARY 13TH with THE WATCHER by LAEL LITTKE. Fly, my pretties.

  • November 26, 2014 at 11:32 am

    Wow, so I’m shockingly late this month! I really liked this one, but then it wasn’t *so*great that I stopped myself putting it down for a week, then finishing it off last night. Like you guys have said, some of it slipped into Point Romance territory. I could almost hear the string music playing in the background during some of the racy “getting off” scenes.

    I seriously think Diane Hoh is obsessed with PURPLE and it’s mark of the devil as this is the second book now where something BAD has been purple… this time the room, last time the purple crayon notes in “Funhouse”.

    But on the whole I thought this was pretty good. I was struggling to decide whether Hoh was portraying Trucker as a big muscley hot gardener or a slightly weird old man and there some walking stereotypes with the whole football jackets, sororities. When I was a kid I used to think the whole “school” culture in the USA seemed so cool, now I just think it’s complicated!

    Anyway, not my favourite so far but still an enjoyable read. And I will stay away from anything PURPLE in future.

    Literally can’t wait for “The Watcher”! Although “The Snowman” would have been an ideal candidate for December 🙁

  • November 26, 2014 at 5:44 pm

    Hey Tim Tam.

    Good spot with the evilness of PURPLE, I didn’t notice that but now I think about it everything purple I have ever encountered has been evil.

    I agree re The Snowman… then we could have gone for Freeze Tag in January to continue the icy theme… all I remember from The Snowman was that when the girl kissed the guy, his breath smelled of apple sauce. What a catch.

  • November 26, 2014 at 11:42 pm

    Hey hey Timmy time…you made it….yay. Good call on picking up the colour purple! Good call! I am now avoiding anything purple in fear of getting hoh hoh hohed! (My predictive text tried to change this to hogged?!?!)

    Goat- yet again i am worried about you and your little goaty feet…how on earth do you remember that the snowman contains a apple sauce breath man??!? (Mmmm so tangy ) and I really don’t think you should mocketh poor mr apple sauce breath man….you smell like chlorine and VERUCAS by your own admission …. I’m thinking apple sauce breath guy sounds like brad pit compared to you lol

  • November 27, 2014 at 10:02 pm

    I don’t have feet Seaweed, I have little hooves.

  • December 3, 2014 at 4:01 am

    Howdy inmates!

    Couple of quick thoughts:

    1. Why don’t we rank the PH books for 2014? What was your favourite?

    2. Don’t forget to go back and read some of the earlier books if (like me) you came in late. Plenty of good PH discussion to be had in the earlier chapters.

    Peace out!


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