I’m still really struggling with how everyone I’ve met today (both online and in real life) is horrified with the result of the election.

So is the system broken (in terms of ‘first past the post’ not representing actual voters)? Or is it fair to suggest the majority of people really think the Tories are doing a good job/serve their interests? I really want to hear from Tory voters – what were you actually voting for? Honestly? I’m not being glib, I really want to know what message I’ve missed. Perhaps I can salvage something from this.

I see people queuing at food banks; I see no affordable housing in London; I see a horrific divide between rich and poor; I see the Arts on the critical list; I see no mandatory PSHE in schools; I see cuts to hospitals, school building works, prisons, the army and educational services.; I see bedroom tax; student debt; cancer patients being forced back into work; pointless nuclear deterrents.

Given that we’re stuck with 5 years of cuts and maltreatment of the poor/sick perhaps we need to stop looking to politicians and do more ourselves, on an individual level, to make things nicer. CLEARLY we should be able to trust the government to look after those in need, but we can’t. In the immortal words of Elsa, we have to Let It Go. Don’t get mad, get up. What can I do? What can you do? We might need to make things A Bit Less Shit, because we have to. Whether that’s through protest or volunteering or donating, take your pick. I’ve already seen a number of author friends taking food to food banks today. What else can we do? Suggestions in the comments box!

While we get off our arses, we really BADLY need a convincing opposition. And, as lovely as he seems to be, that wasn’t Ed Miliband, I’m afraid. I know a lot of my teen readers are disheartened by this, but don’t be. Soon, you’ll be voting, and you GET IT more than I ever did.

James x