ALL_OF_THE_ABOVE_REVEALTake a quiz to discover which LOVABLE MISFIT you are from the new novel ALL OF THE ABOVE!

1. You see a younger kid being picked on at school by a BIG MEANIE. What do you do?

a. Go right over and punch the bully in the head.

b. Set off a fire alarm to create a distraction.

c. Alert the nearest teacher.

d. Try to reason with the bully in a calm and sensible way.

e. Offer to pay the bully to be kind for a whole week.


2. Which of these is your favourite film?

a. Something by Tim Burton or David Lynch.

b. Anything by Studio Ghibli.

c. A horror movie, the scarier the better.

d. Something with subtitles no-one else has heard of.

e. Tangled, Frozen, The Little Mermaid…


3. What’s on your feet right now?

a. Vintage Nike high-tops.

b. Doc Marten’s.

c. Slippers.

d. Converse.

e. Nothing! You like to feel the grass beneath your toes.


4. You find a twenty-pound note on the floor, what do you do?

a. Spend every penny, laughing as you go.

b. Spend it, feel wretched forever.

c. Hand it in to the nearest authority figure.

d. Pay the universe back by buying treats for the squad.

e. Donate the money to the local cat shelter.


5. When you’re out shopping, where do you head first?

a. Boots – your hair dye and black eyeliner need replenishing.

b. Starbucks to meet the squad.

c. Wherever your squad wants to go, you hate shopping.

d. The music shop.

e. The vintage clothes store. The high street is for fashion victims.


6. Pick a Spice Girl.

a. Scary

b. Ginger

c. Sporty

d. Posh

e. Baby


7. What’s the best cure for a broken heart?

a. Vodka.

b. Pour your heart out to your squad.

c. Hide under the duvet for a month.

d. Channel it into creativity – pain makes for great art.

e. Focus on helping others with greater need.


Count up your results – how many of each letter did you get?

pollyMostly As: You are POLLY WOOLF. Like Polly, you are bold, brilliant and very ballsy. You are no-one’s fool and take no prisoners. You’re cool and eclectic but some people can be intimidated by your no-nonsense attitude.



ToriaMostly Bs: You are TORIA GRAND. You always put your friends first. You are prone to overthinking and analysis but you know who you are. You can be indecisive but can talk your way out of any argument with ease.



BeasleyMostly Cs: You are BEASLEY. Your squad refer to you as the sensible one, but what squad doesn’t need someone to keep the wilder members in line? Without you the group would crumble – you’re the glue that holds it all together.



nicoMostly Ds: You are NICO MANCINI. You are sensitive, artistic and philosophical. You are the one that the squad come to for advice and wisdom because you can always be relied on to think logically through a problem. You are led by instinct.



DaisyMostly Es: You are DAISY WEEKES. Always positive, you are a gentle, caring soul who needs only the simple things in life to be happy. The squad might think you’re a scatterbrain, but you just don’t let the little things get you down.