James or Juno?


Photo: Fern Edwards Photography

Hello everyone! Lots of people are asking about my name, my pronouns, my transition and stuff. It’s all very sweet and very well intentioned. It’s to be expected that there would be practical considerations when changing gender!

Here’s the official line from both Hot Key Books and Orion Children’s Books:

“Remaining stock of backlist titles using the name “James Dawson” will remain in circulation until they come up for reprint, at which point the cover author name will be replaced with “Juno” although we’re likely to put a small explanation within and on the back cover “Previously written as James Dawson”. All new front list titles, including the World Book Day title SPOT THE DIFFERENCE will be published under the name “Juno”.

You have to understand it’s not as easy as ‘well she was secretly Juno when she wrote all her books’. Most readers don’t obsessively follow my Insta and Twitter (I KNOW, they’re missing out on so many cute Prince pics) and they might still think I’m called James! When they go into WHSmith or whatever looking for more of my books, they might not think to look for Juno Dawson! Similarly, my World Book Day title, Spot The Difference will introduce me to a lot of new readers who would probably enjoy the first five novels which all have James on the front!

I didn’t want to see books being pulped. I was very clear about that. I think it’s wasteful and would have been a nightmare for booksellers and my publisher. I think it’s sensible to leave the James Dawson covers on the shelves until each title (hopefully!) reprints. Snap them up! They might be collectors editions one day!

Going forward, already everyone has been utterly wonderful at making every effort to call me Juno and ‘she’ and ‘her’. It means so much, I feel a little buzz inside every time someone says it. *Strokes bit of fabric on face like Eddie Redmayne*

Your lovely emails, tweets and messages are making this transition *so* much easier.


Thank you forever


Juno x